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Catalogue of the Book ”The Use Of Type”

In the book called ”The Use Of Type”, There are 16 chapters starting with an introduction in order to tell people a rough idea what is this book talking about. After that, it tells about using the different style of types as skills to represent different theme or mood. It then tells more about the organisation and composition of how to place the words in the best way and also the bookwork. In the forth chapter, it starts talking about the initial letters, rules, fleuron and swash letter including showing different examples. Next, the book has turned into some specialise case, which talking about the use of type in advertising, talking about the advertising agency, symmetry or asymmetry and the three parts of an advertisement. What is more, it then talks about the layout and the equipment that is needed for creating a type. Also, Colour is mentioned for the next chapter because different colours have different expressions. On the other hand, paper and presswork is also be described in the book telling people that the original method of the way how a piece of paper or a book can be produced. After this, it definite the term of ‘Casting-off’ and the purpose of creating type. The rest of the chapter would be the bibliography, glossary and index which are the extra information of the book.

Exhibition Review – The Obedient Object (V&A Museum)

IMG_0118 IMG_0119

After viewing the exhibition, I started understanding more about how can a political concept to be presented and also the history of the obedient object itself. The material of making the objects are cheap and people do not tend to make the items look visually good-looking. However, it is very conceptual rather than commercial.

Featured image

Acampadasol Map, Madrid, 2011

– By 15M/ Indignados Gouache

marker and pen on industrial paper

In my opinion, the protester who designs the obedient objects designs in a very clever way. It is the truth that most of the protesters are the poor because they have been treated unfairly and they want to argue with the world and their government. They believe that they can live a lot better or getting more respect by changing the rules in society. This shows the movement and development of improving society and human’s thinking. From the history in the past, it is a proof to see that how successful the world nowadays has been changing comparing to the past although this is not so prefect at the moment. One of the thing I do agree is that protesters are breaking the rules, but they are not making crimes. They are always preparing to be arrested if they have to.

Secondly, there are no self-benefit for protesters having a criminal record or even get caught into prison. They are trying to make benefit for people in the future having a life more equally although I personally do not think that over-aggressive actions are the best way to achieve.

On the other hand, there is a ‘Umbrella Revolution‘ happening in Hong Kong where I was born in. It is a very good example to showing that people nowadays are thinking more politically and they are taking a self-response for making a social change in order to making a better life for their kids. Lots of obedient objects were created in the revolution included signs and banners. This is also a proof that Ai Waiwai, a political artist that was arrested in China, said that’ everything is art and everything is politics.’


This is one of the game that is a display in the exhibition of The Obedient Object in V&A. The game is about that solders are holding guns and going to shoot people who stops working. It is a concept showing that how governments and army controlling the people. This is one of a inspiration that I got in this exhibition.IMG_0137

Photo taken outside the V&A Museum

Another piece that I like the most. I really like the composition that is used in this art piece. Using some kind of protester photos at the bottom and putting the main object ‘Power to the people’ at the central which taking place for almost one third of the piece so as to make focus with viewers. The people wearing the black equipment are obviously representing the government against the protesters. What is more, the straight lines in black and white organizing like a sun shine which is a symbol of hope. This can also tells people that there will be hope for your future life although it is currently not good enough.

On Wall in Fitzrovia

On Wall in Fitzrovia

Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist and he often uses street art combining dark humour and graffiti to express the idea of society throughtout the world. Banksy’s work are usually shown on the street, walls or maybe bridges. Based on his chosen colour of red to express the sentence, it is bloody and I can feel lots of anger from this work. He does not feel comfortable with the world. In addition, this sentence shows that Banksy wants to change the world mainly by political and social commentary. However, the world and people do not allow him to do that. In my opinion, Banksy is fed up with the world and he wants to tell people that it is enough for him. What is more, Banksy has a clever composition to work on his work. Firstly, the flaking wall affects well on people with the violent theme. Secondly, the appearance of the rat works well. Rat are always living in big cities and they are dirty. This can be pointed out that the corrution of cities’ society or politicity are dirty. Therefore, the composition that Banksyarranged from his work, is strongly linked together. It is also the main reason why this work is such a successful master piece. It is simple and easy to understand for viewer to imagine the expression of his feeling and whathe is trying to say. Last but not least, there is a viewer walknig past the street and this is achieved for the most successful point which is the attraction taking off from people.

Feedback of Fanzines

I looked at the different fanzines and zines and tried to understand the techniques they have been used in order to know the reason of making a composition like this. I realize that there are a lot of methods to do edit the zines or fanzines. For instants, editing by software and pasting images from magazines or books would be one of the most popular method to produce a zines or even fanzines.  This helps me to have more ideas if I want to create a zines in the variety of method which is suitable and stick to the theme. in my point of view, the message presenting from a zine or fanzine is the most important. Rather than making a zine or fanzine very neat and clean, it can be very creative and making a strong impact to people. I think this is what I need to do in the future.